Primary 5

Newsdesk Competition Winners Are Presented With Goodie Bags


Mr David Huntley, Editor from the C2k Newsdesk visited Primary 5 this morning to present our two prize winners with their Newsdesk Goodie Bags and Certificates.  The two classes joined together to celebrate.  Mr Huntley congratulated all of the children for their entries and told them that our two winners were the only P5 winners, all others were P6 and P7.  Congratulations to all the girls and boys for their participation.

P5 Friendship Webs

Primary 5 have been enjoying learning about Friendship in PDMU with Mrs Matthews on Tuesday afternoons.  They had great fun building the friendship web in the photographs.  Every time they said something nice to someone the web grew but when someone said something unkind the web was broken.

Exciting News Just In For Primary 5 . . .


Primary 5 recently entered a competition through the C2k Newsdesk.  The competition involved the pupils building a character profile on their favourite character from a Novel.  Each pupil completed a profile and uploaded it to the Newsdesk.  Out of over 500 entries 10 winners were announced this morning via the Newsdesk.  Primary 5 are delighted to have 2 winners amongst the 10.  One winner was from Mrs Peacocke's class while the other was from Mrs Williamson's.  Both teachers are delighted with all of the pupils for submitting their work and of course celebrated in the winners success today during a whole class assembly.  The children will receive a visit from a Newsdesk Reporter next week and the two winners will get a Newsdesk goodie bag each.

Congratulations Primary 5!


Primary 5 Enjoy Practical Measurement


Primary 5 have recently been very busy measuring items and objects around the school.  They have enjoyed measuring the Interactive White Boards, Bins, Window, Doors and lots of other things around the classroom and corridors! Primary 5 are currently working on converting Measurement.  Below is a link to a game which encourages the use of converting measurement units:

Please encourage your child to revisit this site to practice their conversion skills on Measurement.

Take a look through our gallery to see how the children have been getting on: