Primary 4

P4M visited by Newsdesk

P4M had a surprise visit today from Mr David Huntly the editor of C2K’s newsdesk, the electronic information site.  Mr Huntly chatted with us and told us all about how to put together a report.  He also wanted to discover what things P4’s wanted to read articles about.  Mr Huntly then showed us how we can use newsdesk to help with our school topics!  We got to ask him questions about his job and how he became a writer.  We had a great time and learned a lot!  Thank you Mr Huntly for a great morning!

Instructional writing on Pancake Tuesday

P4 enjoyed celebrating the end of our instructional writing topic by compiling delicious recipes for pancakes.  We made sure to include a title with lists of equipment and ingredients.  We then wrote our steps and remembered to add diagrams.  The fun part came when we got to try out our recipes!  We even had a variety of yummy things to decorate our pancakes; chocolate sauce, chocolate buttons, lemon juice and sugar.  What a yummy ending to a fabulous topic!

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P4McC Assembly on World Book Day


P4McC were getting Waringstown P.S in the mood for World Book day with their World Book Day Assembly.

First of all we shared with the school all the different types of books that we like to read and how fun books really are.  We got everyone in the mood for World Book Day by sharing some of the amazing and fun Literacy activities we can do on the day! We also reminded everyone in KS1 and FS to dress up as their favourite book character!   We performed a poem “ Magic Keys” all about how books are magic keys to learning!  P4McC then looked at God’s book, the Bible, which helps us know how to live good lives, being kind and helpful to others.  Finally we reminded the school of the importance of helping others and shared our fund raising idea. We are all aware of the refugee crisis and how the lives of many families have been impacted severely as they have had to leave their homes.  This World Book Day as well as celebrating we are going to have a collection for Charlene’s Project to help support the school they are currently supporting for refugee children from Syria, as well as the hundreds of children in Uganda and Guatemala that are enjoying education thanks to this charity. P4McC finished the assembly with a lovely song based on Psalm 119 called “ Your Word” with a beautiful solo by Nicole.  Everyone played their part excellently and promoted the importance of World Book Day while helping others across the world also! In the words of P4McC themselves, “it was so much fun and World Book Day is going to be a GREAT day!“

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P4 carry out some WAU investigations

Today P4 carried our some World Around Us Investigations to see what would be the best fabric for clothing in Polar Regions. They tested fabrics for both their warmth and how water proof they are.

We spent a lot of time discussing how we would keep the tests fair, and predicted which 'gloves' would be best.

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