Forest Schools

P4 Forest School - Week 5

Today in Forest School our P4s completed some Tree Maths. In groups, they measured the circumference of trees. Every 2 cm is approximately equivalent to 1 year of life, so we were able to work out that a lot of the trees were planted in and around 1933, when the school was built (We also worked out the age of the very large's a lot older!)

Using a small stick, the P4s were also able to work out an approximate height of the tree.

Even though it was a really cold day, the P4s enjoyed getting outside again!

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P4 Forest School - Week 4

Forest School this week had the P4s working on building human shelters. In groups of six, the children had time to plan and build a den using a few bamboo sticks, some large plastic sheets and several pegs along with whatever other resources they could find.

Some children decided to use trees or fencing to attach their den to. Others decided to use leaves and ground debris to create boundaries to their shelter.

When evaluating the session, the majority of children enjoyed it as they had a chance to build something from their imagination. Others liked the group work.

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P4 Forest School - Week 3

Being a nice, dry day, P4 walked to our Forest School classroom and got ready for today's events. Mr Gault and Mrs McClelland cut some of the elder wood that is growing on our grounds. It was then cut into 15-20cm lengths. The children were put into small groups and used potato and vegetable peelers to peel the elder wood. They then used tent pegs to poke out some of the inner soft wood. Next, the children tied their pieces of elder wood together and decided on a safe location to place their newly designed 'bug hotels.'

This is a very simple activity that can be done at home or in a local park, and the children love it! 

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